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New video coming out on Gino's Garage YouTube!

So I combined some footage I have shot over the last couple of weeks. Some of this is my buddies bus, putting in his cruise air.. we had a new compressor soldered into it after the old one failed... we also checked one of the injectors which seemed to be leaking again.. so I tried my best to clean the injector cup really good. Unfortunately a previous mechanic got the injector clamp installed wrong and it fouled up the injector cup really bad..

Here is the video where I found the bad injector:

The second part of the upcoming video is working on a 1997 Wanderlodge Wide Body that needed a hydraulic hose replaced and also an oil line fixed. The oil line was in a bad spot, so I removed the intake manifold to gain access to it. The hydraulic line required that I removed the CAC (charge air cooler) piping from the turbo and that's when I discovered the turbo was passing oil.. Recommended the customer replace the turbo, he was also complaining it felt down on power and there was more black smoke than before, so to me this all points to turbo issues. So there will be another video with the turbo replacement and putting the intake manifold back on.

Thanks for watching. If you enjoy the videos and would like to be notified when the next video is up on YouTube hit the subscribe button. Also check the bell icon to make sure it notifies you.. Please leave comments and a thumbs up if you appreciate the content.

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