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Specializing in everything Wanderlodge!

Working on RV’s and other projects along the way. 

Why Gino's Garage?

Gino comes from my dad, whom I credit for giving me the ability to work on just about anything.. RIP Eugene "Gino"... I would not be who I am today without what you taught me! That is him and his 59 Ford in the title and logos for Gino's Garage.

I have been working on mechanical things since I could hold a wrench in my hand. I have always loved anything with wheels and especially buses and large vehicles. About 15 years ago I purchased an old greyhound bus, it was an 1986 MCI/TMC bus and I worked on converting the interior into a motorhome. I was also repairing and maintaining the entire bus chassis systems. I eventually just did not have time to work on the conversion as much as I would like and I came across an opportunity for a 1984 Bluebird Wanderlodge. I have been working on this bus as well and doing its maintenance and repair. Through forum groups like the Wanderlodge Owners Group, I found there is a need for someone who is trustworthy and able to work on Detroit Diesel two stroke engines and on the Wanderlodges complex systems. I have worked for over 20 years as an industrial electrician so I have very strong skills in troubleshooting electrical circuits that are commonly found in Wanderlodges and RV's in general. I use my Wanderlodge for travel and really enjoy bieng a part of the Wanderlodge community and the overall RV community as well. I have met many great folks traveling and staying at RV parks and rallies.


Jeff LoGiudice

Tel: 813-417-8553

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